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Rick Washbrook, Guitar TeacherIn my guitar lesson videos you’ll find that my teaching methods are much different from most guitar lick lessons on the internet. I would not be doing you justice if I were to show you just one lick. For example, I teach you a blues guitar solo section. I teach you how to play guitar with guitar video lessons note for note I show you. I will show you how to play the lick as well as learn the techniques to execute smooth transitions between licks. The lessons can be 6 to 12 minutes or more.

Acoustic guitar is the most popular style of guitar in the world today. I teach in the style of folk blues and the likes of players like Chet Atkins, Tommy Emanuale, Michel Hedges, to name only three of many. I can offer you many open tunings and point you in the right direction so you compose our own compositions.

Finger style Acoustic guitar is so exciting with all the different techniques, to name a few, finger taping and percussive effects, the possibilities are endless.

Lessons Available In Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan And York Region Areas.

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Guitar Lessons

From beginner to expert and everything in between, all lessons are customized to fit your learning style and goals. Lessons include Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, World, Electronic and Popular Music. Learn finger picking and strumming styles as well as country guitar pedal steel effects. Songwriting lessons are also available. Choose from:
• Private, One-on-One lessons
• Live via Skype Lessons
• Group Ensemble Lessons

What Others Say

This is very heart-felt tribute tot he great guitarist, Lenny Breau. Rick plays the music with great love and respect.

I enjoy seeing Washbrook’s enthusiasm as he shares his love of playing the guitar. When he swings with that walking bass, comping chords and melody simultaneously, it is so musical while sounding effortless.

Washbrook can capture the essence and mood of Lenny Breua’s musical spirit without resorting to emulation or imitation. His ability to sustain that fragile mood throughout his playing is captivating.

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