Learn to Play Guitar – Jazz & Lenny Breau

Rick Washbrook 2000 Lenny Breau TributeThere is one pit you can fall into after you learn a bunch of separate licks—you won’t know how to apply it in other songs. You can easily get stuck trying to make a music if you learn a bunch of licks.

When a musician learns a guitar lick it’s exciting at first, but then you can become very frustrated. Why? Well, you’re learning so many great licks but you don’t know how join them together to create an exceptionally arranged solo with continuity. I’ll teach you how to smoothly connect one lick to the next lick.

I have so much respect and love for Lenny Breau’s guitar playing. I offer Skype lessons from beginner to advanced players in Jazz and Lenny Breau’s jazz techniques.

Lessons Available In Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan And York Region Areas.

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Guitar Lessons

From beginner to expert and everything in between, all lessons are customized to fit your learning style and goals. Lessons include Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, World, Electronic and Popular Music. Learn finger picking and strumming styles as well as country guitar pedal steel effects. Songwriting lessons are also available. Choose from:
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What Others Say

When I listen to Rick Washbrook play it makes me feel very close to my brother and it makes me realize that Lenny will always live on. Thank you Rick for keeping Lenny’s music so vital and alive.

Rick Washbrook’s guitar playing is beautiful.

I enjoy seeing Washbrook’s enthusiasm as he shares his love of playing the guitar. When he swings with that walking bass, comping chords and melody simultaneously, it is so musical while sounding effortless.

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