Rick Washbrook 2001 Gypsy's Bed

Dedication to Lenny Breau.

This is a tribute to the great virtuoso guitarist, Lenny Breau. Lenny has been an inspiration to me since my early teens, still is and always will be. It’s hard to catch Lenny. In my opinion Lenny was a man with an open mind and a big heart. He was definitely an innovator, and, through his creative approach, he developed his own techniques and concepts that intrigue many musicians around the world.

His musical vision will go on forever. I have tried my best to capture his essence in these recordings. I never had the honor of meeting Lenny but his spirit is truly in my heart. Working on this project was, for me, a constant connection to Lenny; there was always a voice speaking to me along the way.

I hope to reach other people and bring an awareness of Lenny’s musical genius to their lives. The Gypsy Bed sessions occurred from June 1999 to March 2001. It’s my sharing of the music and its energy – a gypsy spirit with its wisdom of insecurity, always on a roll, and lost in the music.

Here are a few quotes about the album, from a few people you may know:

“I’m very impressed with Washbrook’s harmonic sense and time on the guitar. One would think that there are more than two hands at work on the fret board. When he gets the bass walking, and chords and melody simultaneously he genuinely swings.” – Guido Basso

“A wonderfully evocative and unique tribute to the genius of Lenny Breau. Washbrook creats a relaxing mood, great tone and feel.” – Liona Boyd

Lenny Breau“The spirit of Lenny Breau lives in Washbrook’s guitar playing.” -Dave Young

“It’s heartwarming to hear Washbrook holding the flame in regards to the great guitarist Lenny Breau. Washbrook obviously finds inspiration from Lenny while developing his own inner voice and vision. You can hear his passion, heart and soul on his CD ‘A Gypsy’s Bed’.” -Bob Erlendson

“When I listen to Rick Washbrook play it makes me feel very close to my brother and it makes me realize that Lenny will always live on. Thank you Rick for keeping Lenny’s music so vital and alive.” -Denny Breau

“I enjoy seeing Washbrook’s enthusiasm as he shares his love of playing the guitar. When he swings with that walking bass, comping chords and melody simutaneiously, it is so musical while sounding effortless.” -Ed Bickert

“Washbrook has managed to capture the essensce and mood of Lenny Breau’s musical spirit without resorting to emulation or imitation. His ability to sustain that fragile mood throughout his playing is captivating” – Terry Clarke

“This is very heart-felt tribute tot he great guitarist, Lenny Breau. Rick plays the music with great love and respect.” – Don Thompson