Playing guitar takes extremely good left/right hand coordination.

Playing electric guitar well takes a little time but I can help you progress faster with your blues chord rhythms and blues licks, and guitar scales.I won’t just teach you a blues guitar lesson and guitar licks and say “learn this”. The most exciting part of learning from me is that you’ll learn the licks in a free-spirited manner, and start jamming with the new guitar licks right away in a solo and not by it self.

Once you build up your musical vocabulary of many blues licks and get a feel for the guitar chords you’re playing, you can nip and tuck the guitar solo licks. This way you become more skilled at moving smoothly between them to make your guitar talk, and learn to play guitar like a pro.

Also it is good for you to learn as much as you can of blues in general. In future lessons I will teach you double stops to connect your chord changes and embellish your guitar solos.

Guitar Lessons with Rick Washbrook

Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York Region

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