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Rick Wasbrook, Guitar TeacherEnsemble Lessons available for groups who wish to study and explore blues concepts while playing in a group atmosphere.

Areas of study include: voice leading, harmony / re-harmonization, finger style guitar, chord melody, country pedal steel simulation, Chet Atkins alternating bass style, jazz and many styles of blues including bottle neck slide, open and standard tunings.

Join Rick Washbrook for Guitar and Vocal lessons in Newmarket, Aurora, and the York Region. Search on Google Rick Washbrook to read about his career and find articles and reviews. Newmarket guitar lessons, Aurora guitar lessons, Vaughan guitar lessons.

Rick Washbrook, Guitar TeacherLearn to Play the Guitar with
Live Online Lessons

No matter how old you are, your never too old to start learning how to play the guitar! Whether your a beginner or an advanced student, I can help you develop your skills!

Learn to play your favourite songs using Skype. Online guitar lessons!
Learn anything from easy campfire songs to advanced musical theory.
Beginners, stop getting confused by all the Youtube videos!
Learn the correct way to play the guitar one on one from a teacher with over 25 years teaching experience.

Correspondence Lessons are taught internationally. A student will submit a recording of his or her playing along with an explanation of where they would like to progress musically or identify something they would like to learn to play.   Rick will then respond with a recorded lesson featuring lectures and demonstrations, along with exact fingerings and positions, to cover the concepts requested.

“If the sign of an artist is the melding of chops, technical proficiency and soul, Washbrooks tribute to Lenny Breau ‘A Gypsy’s Bed’ is the work of a maestro”

~ Mark E. Gallo, JazzReview.com

Really Learn to Join Your Rock Blues Licks!

If how to play guitar is your goal. Learning just one lick really doesn’t cut it. In my guitar instructions, I’ll show you how to use a few licks in the bars of blues licks or rock progressions.

Rick Washbrook, Guitar TeacherI Can Positively Show You How to
Avoid the One-Lick Pitfall

There is one pit you can fall into after you learn a bunch of separate licks—you won’t know how to apply it in other songs.You can easily get stuck trying to make a musical sentence if you only learn a bunch of licks.

I’ll teach you how to smoothly connect one lick to the next lick. When a musician learns a lick it’s exciting at first, but then you can become very frustrated. Why? Well, it feels like you’re learning so many great licks but you don’t know how join them together to create an exceptionally arranged solo with continuity when you in the future improvise a solo.  I show you the techniques to join licks together when you play them on you acoustic or electric guitar.

You may learn licks or parts of your favourite guitar player’s solos, but they still can’t make their guitar talk, or create a guitar tone that makes you feel good.  The resulting music licks and phrases sound like they’re wandering around aimlessly.  In my 50 lick solos I show you how to use them and be able to apply them for use later in other musical experiences.

Rick Washbrook, In His Own Words:

Good teachers don’t settle for simply doing something, I encourage my student’s to really in-vision their progress, and have a good practice regime so they can do better. I have always aimed for the best and expect the best out of my students.

I do my best to balance of making sure every student feels valued, making it fun but challenging, having a sense of humour, and being flexible because everyone learns a different way.

I am calm and don’t rush the student there is never and issue I push you to hard I don’t put myself in your shoes. I am there by your side a Blues guitar coach I show you note for note and all the finesse and little tricks to make you’re playing convincible.

Youtube is a great source but when you really want to get right next to the teacher there is nothing better than to see and hear every action your teacher does to produce the sounds that are defiantly a mood feeling of authentic guitar styles

I recognize quality in ones playing and I want to help one improve and make it better, I can bring out your latent abilities because I enjoy it and it is my labor of love.

I will quickly discover your learning style and will coach you in a way that works best for you. Imagine how happy and excited you’ll be to finally have a guitar coach who cares about your progress!

~ Rick Washbrook

Top Musical Influences: Lenny Breau, Joe Pass, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Chet Atkins, Debussy, Grieg, Ravel, Chet Baker, Miles Davis.

Guitar Lessons with Rick Washbrook

Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York Region

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  • Royal Conservatory: Rudiments 1 & 2 / Harmony / Classical Guitar
  • Graduate of Paul Ried, Humber Music Professor: Gordon Delemont Books 1 & 2
  • Private tutoring from jazz pianist Bob Erlendson
  • Four published lessons in Canadian Musician Magazine
  • Upcoming publication in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, USA