Rick Washbrook has a great sound and a great feel with his playing on the tribute to Lenny Breau, A Gypsy’s Bed”. Your playing is wonderful. I feel it especially after viewing your Flamenco Guitar You Tube videos.

Liona Boyd

Rick Washbrook’s guitar playing is Beautiful.

Guitar Player Magazine USA – Jude Gold, Editor

If the sign of an artist is the melding of chops / technical proficiency and soul, Washbrook’s guitar playing is indeed the work of a maestro…..His music within speaks of his love of the instrument. Rick Washbrook is an articulate musician with a deeply joyful, soulful, and spiritual approach.

Mark E. Gallo, Editor Jazzreview.com USA

Washbrook’s understanding of Lenny Breau’s technique is astounding, and he has really great ideas.

Randy Bachman

Rick Washbrook is one of the best guitarists in North America. He is humble and never has shown an ego about his talent or acted like he is the ‘amazing guitarist’. I truly admire that about him. Musicians fortunate to be around Rick Washbrook are thrilled to jam with him, and share his laughter. I have studied with Washbrook and seen him play live many times. I have all his CD’s. I recognize through Washbrook that we can break on through to theother side. He transcends when he performs. Rick Washbrook plays the music, not so much the guitar.

Fraser MacDonald: Music Critic

You are one of the family now Rick Washbrook.

John Knowles in Nashville / Chet Atkins Main Guitar Arranger

Washbrook is one of Toronto’s Treasures.

Brian Blain, Toronto Blues Jazz Editor Magazine

I enjoy seeing Rick Washbrook’s enthusiasm when he swings with that walking bass,comping chords, and melody simultaneously. It is so musical while sounding effortless.

Ed Bickert

Rick is an inventive player who is continuing the great tradition of the masters.

Jamey Aebersold (famous Jazz instruction and musician)

Rick Wasbrook plays with great passion and his love of the guitar is without doubt behind each note. Rick is mixing fresh new ideas with Flamenco and blending it with Lenny Breau techniques for his audience.

Bill Piburn, Guitarist, Arranger &, Editor for past Finger Style Magazine, USA
Now active with Fingerstyle 360 Internet Site

The tribute to Lenny Breau is a heart-felt tribute CD to the great Lenny Breau. Washbrook plays the music with great love and respect.

Don Thompsonv

When I listen to Rick Washbrook play it makes me feel very close to my brother Lenny, and it makes me realize that Lenny will always live on. Thank you Rick Washbrook for keeping Lenny’s music so vital and alive.

Denny Breau (Lenny’s brother)

The spirit of Lenny Breau lives in Rick Washbrook’s guitar playing.

Dave Young

Washbrook can capture the essence and mood of Lenny Breau’s musical spirit without resorting to emulation or imitation. His ability to sustain that fragile mood throughout his playing is captivating.

Terry Clarke

Rick Washbrooks music is always welcome. His solo new Flamenco Latin CD “Roncesvalles Tango” is in the top percentile of all CD Canadian CBC Submissions in his genre in 2007.

CBC Radio Mark Rheaume

It is heart warming to hear Washbrook holding the flame in regards to the great guitarist Lenny Breau. Washbrook obviously finds inspiration from Lenny while developing his own inner voice and vision. You can hear his passion, heart and soul on his CD tribute to Lenny Breau “A Gypsy’s Bed”.

Bob Erlendson

It is obvious Washbrook holds a great respect and love towards Lenny Breau’s jazz guitar playing. Lenny’s contributions are heard in Washbrooks playing, but Washbrook is not faceless. Rick Washbrook has managed to do his own thing with Lenny’s influences.

Canadian Musician

Rick Washbrook did a fine job playing on your Lenny Breau tribute “A Gypsy’s Bed”. I can appreciate how hard you worked to make that CD. I know from experience.

Howard Morgan

Let me tell you about Rick Washbrook. I was fortunate to play with Rick a number of times. Some of those were among my best musical experiences. Rick brings fire and passion, nuance, and subtlety, never repeating himself, and allowing the music to be free. His tribute to Lenny Breau is a landmark. He is equally at home playing blues or flamenco. He can do things you won’t hear anywhere else.

Dennis Pendrith

Thanks to Rick’s incredible guitar playing, whether a composition or a cover, from country to jazz, each song enhances a particular facet of the technique and genius of Lenny Breau. A great double CD that is full of emotion, feeling and respect, to keep close to your stereo set.

Jazz Break

Thanks to the efforts of Lenny Breau’s countryman Rick Washbrook, Breau’s legacy is gradually gaining more prominence. A two-disc set of solo jazz guitar performances is a tall order indeed, but Washbrook delivers with change to spare. He doesn’t even concentrate totally on Breau’s entire usual repertoire, but instead applies the guitar techniques for which Breau is renowned to an excellent collection of standards and originals. “A Gypsy’s Bed” is Washbrook’s sixth CD, and clearly the one closest to his heart. It is easy to forget after a while that this is just one man and a guitar. That’s a testament not only to the brilliance of Breau’s technical breakthroughs, but also Washbrook’s gift for interpretation.

Todd S. Jenkins in All About Jazz

The word jazz must be one of the most misused words in the dictionary and likewise, in the wrong hands, the guitar can be a most misused musical instrument; but certainly not in this situation. Rick Washbrook proves without any shadow of doubt to be a devoted slave and perfectionist in the art of contemporary jazz guitar playing. In the jazz he plays I recognize the gifted artistry of Lenny Breau and a little Django Reinhart influences.

Bert Booth Kings Jazz Review Friday the 1st of August 2008

Rick Washbrook is a one of a kind guitar player. I went to many of his Show’s in the 90’s. Rick played solos that made me feel deeply the harmonic power of music. He played angelic and then at times like a demon. The man is genius. The one thing that always struck me about Rick Washbrook on stage was the intensity and expressiveness of his playing. He always had the audience spell bound. Rick as a brave artist, a student of spiritual purity and an extraordinary performer, teacher, and recording artist is a servant to the music. Rick has a very deep understanding of the harmonic capabilities of the guitar. Thanks to Rick my blues and solo improvising has improved beyond belief.

Don McQueston – El Sobrante, California / October 21st, 2010