“Rick Washbrook has a great sound and a great feel with his playing on the tribute to Lenny Breau, A Gypsy’s Bed”. Your playing is wonderful. I feel it especially after viewing your Flamenco Guitar You Tube videos.”
– Liona Boyd

“…guitarist Rick Washbrook has again stirred the juices of string-sensitive jazz purists…”
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“…when it comes to the late Lenny Breau, Rick Washbrook is a fan…”

-A Gypsy’s Bed…Read All About Jazz Article here!

“…Rick Washbrook has been playing the guitar for thrity years. Over that time he has acquired and mastered his technique that brings a strong creative bend to his music that enchants in many ways…”

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“…Rick Washbrook proves without any shadow of a doubt to be a devoted slave and perfectionist in the art of contemporary guitar playing…” – West Mystic…Read Kings Jazz Review here!

“…This is a soothing listening to solo performance album portraying the very fine attributes of the man and instrument in the playing of his six gut stringed acoutsic guitar…” – Roncesvalles Tango…Read Kings Jazz Review here!

“…’I have to reach other people and bring and awareness of Lenny’s musical genius to their lives’…Rick Washbrook…”

-A Gypsy’s Bed…Read Kings Jazz Review here!

“…To single out any cut… on this project would be futile at best…”

-Roncesvalles Tango…Read JazzReview here!

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