Student says, “It is never too late to learn to play guitar.”

I love listening to music and singing along. I was one of those who would say I wish I could play guitar.

And then one day I decided I would stop wishing and take lessons. I was particular who I chose for a guitar teacher. I had learned piano as a child and did not want to repeat that experience with boring scales and repetition. I was not interested in taking lessons from a typical music school.

I was extremely lucky to find Rick. He is able to intuitively understand what I need to learn to play. We choose songs that keep me interested and I am excited to learn. I learn the different chords and riffs by playing (and singing) the songs. Rick keeps me learning at a pace that is well suited to me. He gently gets me to slow down when I am rushing. He has an amazing ability to instinctively set the pace for my ability to learn.

In a few short months, I am playing a range of songs and singing my heart out. I am not quite ready to go on the road- though I would if I had Rick by my side- singing with me and doing back up! Did I mention he is a great singer!

I never thought I would feel so passionate about learning guitar. I have Rick to thank for it. If you are nervous about learning guitar but always wanted to play, don’t keep putting it off.

By Legh Walters
June 15, 2013

Guitar Lessons with Rick Washbrook

Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York Region

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