Washbrook Music Clips

1906 Solo Guitar

Anya’s Running:

Honky Tonk Butterfly:

Trick Pony:

Roncesvalles Tango

Argentinian Waltz:

Gate 403:

Petite Waltz:

Tapestry of Soul

Lily of the Erie:

My Swan:

Tapestry of Soul:

West Mystic

Ma’am Blue:

Metis Love:

Nashville Dreams:


Christmas Guitar in the Village

Frosty the Snowman:

Jingle bells:

We tree kings:

We Wish you:

Electric Blues

Don’t Deny This Love:

Drilling for Oil:

Stop a While:

Gypsy's Bed

Anya’s Running:

Boogie Woogie Shoe Shine Boy:

Cannonball Rag:

Long in the Tooth:

Manhana De Carnival:

There is No Greater Love:

Live at Dines Eez

Got No Visa:

Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman:

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What Others Say

This is very heart-felt tribute tot he great guitarist, Lenny Breau. Rick plays the music with great love and respect.

I enjoy seeing Washbrook’s enthusiasm as he shares his love of playing the guitar. When he swings with that walking bass, comping chords and melody simultaneously, it is so musical while sounding effortless.

Washbrook can capture the essence and mood of Lenny Breua’s musical spirit without resorting to emulation or imitation. His ability to sustain that fragile mood throughout his playing is captivating.

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